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     The Philippine of Society of Emergency Medical Technicians is a non-profit, non-political, non-union body which is dedicated to the cause of pushing for the introduction of an effective National Ambulance System for all citizens of the Philippines, irrespective of social status, cultural background, religious beliefs or political affiliations. We will work unreservedly with National, Regional and local government units in order to achieve optimum levels of care for each and every Filipino who are victim to sudden serious illness or trauma.


      As outlined above, the development of a first class Emergency Medical Services System in the Philippines is our prime objective, as this is absolutely essential in order to form an integral link in the chain of delivering quality care to the ill and injured. We must however accept that any chain is only as strong as its weakest link and, with this in mind, the Philippine of Society of Emergency Medical Technicians has recognized that excellence can only be achieved through education, training and maintenance of the highest achedemic and practica standards of practice. Our National Training, Research and Development Council, has developed comprehensive training guidelines which clearly outline the standards required of all those seeking the implementation of truly professional standards of Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Care and these standards will be required of anyone seeking a membership of this Society.


     It is clearly recognized that any Pre-Hospital Care System involving EMT’s requires the support and clinical supervision / oversight of physicians. To this end, we have forged links with the Philippine College of Emergency Medicine (PCEM), the Philippine Heart Association (PHA) and many other agencies involved in emergency medicine. We have further established a National Executive Council composed of some of the foremost Physicians and experts in the field of Pre-Hospital Emergency Care. This council will formulate the legal framework for pre-hospital care professionals to carry out their vital role. As outlined above, the Society has also established a National Training, Research and Development Council which is tasked with, not only setting the Society's Training Standards, but establishing a National Examination System to ensure that those standards are achieved and maintained. This council has also been tasked to carry out continuing Research and Development in the field of Pre-Hospital Emergency Care to ensure that members are kept abreast of advances in equipment and techniques.


    We are pleased that, due to our unrelenting commitments and adherence to the highest of standards of Pre-Hospital Care Training and Practice, the Philippine Society of Emergency Medical Technicians has gained global respect and recognition for the Filipino Emergency Medical Technician. In addition to our International role, the society has played a pivotal role in the development of national legislation which ultimately launch a Pre-hospital Emergency Medical Services Council (PEMSC) here in the Philippines and for the time herald an age when there will be emergency care available to each and every Filipino.








For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (632) 415-32-49 or fill out the following form

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